"It allows for opportunity to step back from the day-to-day demands and thoughtfully explore how to skillfully manage real life work situations."

~ County Department Director

The Manager's Journey Series

The Manager’s Journeys enhances participants’ skills so they can deal with situations like...
•…what to do when the boss’s boss shares information that is "just between us" 
•...how to deliver disappointing news to staff or the public to minimize resistance 
•...how to “embrace chaos” and be productive at the same time. 

This program provides solutions to these situations and more utilizing practical learning methodologies designed for the advanced learner.  Strategically aligned with competencies of The Supervisor’s Apprenticeship and integrated with foundations of the Three Guiding Principles, this program brings learning to a new level!


  • Managing New Expectations
  • Embracing Chaos

  • Political Protocol

  • Coaching to Influence

  • ​Legal 401

  • Real World Challenges​​


Organization and

Participant Benefits 


  • Strategically prepare qualified staff for potential advancement

  • Develop communication skills used to influence others
  • Gain insight to the "management side" of the big picture

  • Employ organizational techniques for self and others

  • Increase productivity to the benefit of the organization

  • Strengthen succession planning 


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