What does a new manager really need to know?  At this point in their careers, continuous learning is all about what’s not in the book!  


In order to build internal capacity, EdTrek  develops selected organizational trainers to facilitate EdTrek programs for internal agency employees.

​Too often, highly skilled workers are promoted 'up the ladder' in recognition of their hard work and technical expertise without receiving training on how to lead others.   This program addresses the critical competencies needed for pre-supervisory and supervisory positions.

Targeted Topic Workshops

EdTrek offers multiple customized employee workshops that provide skills on conflict management, effective business writing, customer service and more! 

“The Three Guiding Principles are great!  I have been through many training classes in my life but this one is practical and aimed at city situations.  I have adopted some of the skills already and plan to incorporate more into my work.”

~ New Supervisor