"These programs allow for opportunities to step back from day-to-day operations and thoughtfully explore how to skillfully manage real life work situations."

~Training Manager

  1. Maximizing Staff Potential

  1. No One Ever Told Me

  2. Beyond Tell Me About Yourself

  3. Coaching to Influence

Targeted Topic Workshops

  1. Service with Principles

  2. Staying Centered Through Conflict

  3. Shifting to a Service Culture​

  1. Don't Waste My Time  

  1. The Heartbeat of Change

  2. ​Time's On Your Side

"The workshop was packed with great tools and templates that are simple to use and very relevant." 

  1. Writing with Respect Reader

  2. Communicating in Synch

  3. SOP Writing with KISS
    ​(Keep it Super Simple!)

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