After this workshop you will be able to:


  • Minimize employee performance issues with poor customer service
  • Give positive and constructive feedback when the Three Guiding Principles® are demonstrated and service standards are achieved
  • Assess employee-customer interactions and intervene with support at the appropriate time
  • Recognize and publicize individual and team service achievements

EdTrek's expertise with customer service runs deep.  From facilitating service standards creation to writing the book on service training--literally.

Kimberly Devlin,managing director,  authored Customer Service Training in ATD's best-selling series.

Build Customer Focus

 After this workshop you will be able to:


  • Create daily successful communications with the  Three Guiding Principles®

  • Balance customer needs with the needs of the organization

  • Use professional terms and statements to arrive at neutral outcomes

  • Interact effectively during difficult customer situations​

 After this workshop you will be able to:


  1. Minimize the display of negative emotion when working through difficult situations

  2. Respect others’ perspectives while focusing on reaching a positive outcome to a unfavorable situation

  3. Use simple best practices when negotiating to gain mutual agreements

  4. Interact effectively during difficult conflict situations

Shifting to a Service Culture

The “new normal” may not be that new after all.  Although many agencies are struggling to meet budgetary constraints, taxpayer and community service expectations have not changed.  The demand for high-quality service continues and if anything, they expect more for less. The “I-pay-your-salary” thinking is still alive and well.  As an agency leader, your ability to guide, support, and coach your employees during these challenging customer situations is critical to their success.  Shifting to a Service Culture™ provides lead workers, supervisors, and managers with tools to integrate service expectations to measure performance, facilitate difficult interactions between employees and customers, model the Three Guiding Principles® on a daily basis, and recognize exemplary employees who model service excellence. Rewarding those staff members who deliver quality service increases the speed of the service culture change and contributes to achieving the agency’s overall service goal. 

Service with Principles

Since customer service is the primary attribute that creates your agency’s reputation, it is no wonder that the need for service skills continues to grow!  When customers, patrons, taxpayers, or residents need a service or product from your agency, they want exceptional service every time.  So what does that look like?   Service with Principles® introduces techniques to respectfully handle customer situations with a positive approach while continually focusing on valued-added solutions.  Learn how to deal with the most difficult customer interactions by integrating the Three Guiding Principles®.  Help your agency become the government benchmark for quality service!​

Staying Centered Through Conflict

What does it take to “push your buttons”?  Who are the people?  What are the situations?  It is only a matter of time until we all encounter difficult interactions.  Sometimes we avoid them and other times we address them head on…either way, they can turn ugly pretty quickly.  Staying Centered through Conflict provides methods for managing your emotions to stay focused on outcomes, utilize the P.E.A.C.E. process to resolve issues, incorporate the Three Guiding Principles during challenging conversations, and apply successful negotiation skills to reach agreement.