"​As a result of this training, I will be reevaluating performance expectations and rewriting them to include 4 critical elements."

~ Department Manager

"Going forward, I'll ask more questions of staff.  I'll also evaluate myself periodically and ask others to do the same."

~ Senior Project Manager

 After this workshop you will be able to:


  • Utilize positive language to de-escalate conflict situations and achieve a neutral outcome

  • Raise awareness of potential personal biases and exclude them from decisions at work
    Give constructive feedback to colleagues effectively, even when time is at a premium

  • Apply informal conferencing skills to improve employee behaviors or change work habits

  • Address ongoing performance issues in a manner that balances respect for the organization and team with respect for the individual

    Develop and Recruit Talent

     After this workshop you will be able to:


     After this workshop you will be able to:


    Coaching to Influence

    (Defining Expectations to Enhance Performance)
    Enhancing and developing employee performance is a continuous process and when done well, is the most consuming function of any good leader.  There is no greater reward than coaching an individual to success. In order to do that, a unique set of skills is required.  Coaching to Influence™ provides these skills, including: giving constructive feedback, managing diversity, de-escalating conflict, and facilitating informal conferencing.  By mastering these skills, leaders create an environment where people want to perform at their best and healthy work relations are the norm. 

    Maximizing Staff Potential

    (Multiple Roles of a Manager in Developing Staff)
    With government changes on the horizon, the need to increase staff potential is critical as we continue to do more with less. Educating, inspiring, and continuously developing our staff will only result in a positive outcome for both the employee and the organization.  This program was designed to introduce various tools a manager can use to balance the growth of the employee with agency needs.  Participants will apply new skills to real scenarios and receive job aids that have immediate application!

    No One Ever Told Me

    (Defining Expectations to Enhance Performance)
    One of the most common mistakes experienced supervisors and new managers can make is to not clearly define expectations for staff.   When a performance issue occurs or an employee breaks a
     work rule, the first question to ask is, “Was the expectation clearly defined?”  This program provides specific techniques needed for defining employee and management expectations, creating templates for performance planning, and applying motivational strategies needed to reward high performers with or without financial incentive. 

     After this workshop you will be able to:


    1. Maintain open lines of communication and ensure all team members posses goal ownership

    2. Strike the balance between advocating for the organization’s needs and demonstrating to employees that their needs are as important to you as the organization’s

    3. Establish clear, actionable goals that are aligned with the “big picture” and which employees are excited about achieving

    4.  Identify employees’ current “phase of job productivity” and tailor how you respond to their requests based on their expectations of you

    "So practical!
    ​I will use the job aid
    to incorporate my employees' interests and goals
    with those of the department. Directors can greatly benefit from these types of sessions."

    ~ Division Director

    Beyond "Tell Me About Yourself"

    (Behavior-based Interviewing)
    Tired of hiring an employee to find out after probation that the behaviors you needed for the position just weren't there?  As you may be well aware, it takes more than intuition to screen for the best applicant.  Is it possible to evaluate skills related to teamwork, customer service, or initiative? The answer is, yes! This program provides a structured process needed to prepare and conduct a behavioral interview, as well as select the best applicant based on the interview data.    

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