Don't Waste My Time

(Facilitating Effective Meetings)

Recent statistics show that managers spend half of their working life attending meetings and 33% of those meetings are unproductive. Enhance your leadership reputation by effectively utilizing the time spent in meetings to produce results and build relationships. Don’t Waste My Time™ will address a variety of meeting types including staff meetings, public meetings, phone meetings, and more.   The course will provide techniques to help plan and facilitate challenging meetings as well as tools for meeting follow up and action planning.

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 After this workshop you will be able to:


  1. Leverage your strengths as an early adapter and minimize negative confrontations during workplace changes.

  2. Integrate the Three Guiding Principles® before, during, and after a difficult change process.

  3. Shift your mindset to making the change work and do it quickly, armed with critical information.

  4. Recognize common psychological reactions to change and identify strategies to overcome resistance.

Time's On Your Side

(Individual and Team Productivity)

If “working smarter not harder” is your goal in life, than you need to get time on your side!  There is no better feeling than to hit the pillow at night knowing you had a productive and rewarding day whether you spent it at work or at home.  This program introduces strategies to maximize the use of your time through multi-tasking, prioritizing “to do” lists, and using the 3 essentials of effective time management.  And, when it comes to working with others, discover how to plan collaboratively to minimize wasted efforts and avoid creating rework.  This course is guaranteed to introduce skills that will make you feel accomplished every day with a life more balanced and less stressful.

 After this workshop you will be able to:


  • Enhance personal and group productivity
  • Streamline routine activities
  • Prioritize and schedule workloads
  • Create a focused and productive work environment
  • Collaborate with peers to complete projects, minimize rework, and avoid duplicate effort and errors

Boost Productivity

The Heartbeat of Change

(Change Management)
There are few things in life that are constant, a heartbeat and change are two of them.  Like a heartbeat, change can work very fast, very slow, and sometimes even shock us!  One thing is for sure, they both never stop… and for good reason.  Today there is an upgrade in software, tomorrow the work area is being redesigned for more efficiency, and next week a new social media policy is being introduced.  There is no question that keeping pace with change is a required element in today’s workplace.  This course will introduce the skills and techniques needed to view change as a necessity to achieve employment success.   The session will provide opportunity for participants to identify their resistors to workplace changes as well as assess their individual skills as change agents.  Utilizing the Three Guiding Principles®, learners will work through perceived negative change resulting in acceptance.  Lastly, the program explains a five-step process used to move through the continuum of change. Don’t miss this opportunity to get in rhythm with The Heartbeat of Change™ 

 After this meetings workshop
 you will be able to:

  • Create tools for conducting consistent and productive meetings
  • Facilitate difficult meeting member behaviors and manage challenging situations constructively
  • Increase participation and attendance in meetings
  • Generate historical references of meeting outcomes and influence the worksite actions of attendees in support of meeting decisions and agreements​​