• Stepping Up Without Stepping On
  • Controlling Chaos

  • Communication Protocol

  • Being Right is Not Always the Right Thing

  • ​Legal 101

  • Making it Work in Real Time


The Supervisor Apprenticeship Series

It sounds  so logical to promote highly skilled workers  'up the ladder'  - advancement in reward for accomplishment - until they realize their position of leadership requires a unique skill set.   There are critical competencies needed for the pre-supervisory and supervisory positions that are very different than those needed for, and developed in, the frontline worker position. These skills include managing work relationships, prioritizing multiple workloads, effectively communicating both verbally and in writing, and learning the legal guidelines that govern most organizations. 

The Supervisor's Apprenticeship: Skills for Rising Leaders is a competency based program offered to current and potential supervisors. Typically, these employees receive minimal opportunities to develop skills in a structured learning environment that supports and incorporates on-the-job application, as the Apprenticeship  does.   By attending this program, a participant will be prepared for his or her current position and be well positioned for advancement. The Supervisor's Apprenticeship: Skills for Rising Leaders  supports most succession plans and is aligned with management training programs currently being offered.

Organization and Participant Benefits

  • Strategically prepare qualified staff for potential advancement
  • Develop communication skills used to influence others 

  • Gain insight to the "management side" of the big picture

  • Employ organizational techniques for self and others

  • Increase productivity to the benefit of the organization

  • Strengthen succession planning 


"Your company has been responsible for the huge success of our agency's supervisors and beginning leaders."  

~ State Agency Training Manager

Program materials include:

  • More than 18 job aids and templates
  • Six modules of interactive learning
  • Eleven electronic assignment worksheets
  • Personal poster
  • Transfer of learning tool
  • Course completion certificate