Kimberly Devlin, CPLP, Managing Director 

Kimberly is a dynamic communicator, passionate about productivity, and on a mission to change the way we learn and work... because your time is too precious to waste.

She believes context trumps content.  You can have all the content in the world, but if you’re not delivering it the right way - in the right context - it has no value. 

For over 20 years, Kimberly has been consulting with public and private organizations to realize their business objectives. With a MA in journalism and BA in English literature from the University of Miami, and her Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) credential, Kimberly leverages her skills to create highly-effective learning events. 

As an author, instructional designer, facilitator, and international speaker, she has provided technical assistance nationally and internationally to multiple government organizations and in fields as diverse as healthcare, insurance, higher education, and aviation to name some. Kimberly was the recipient of Avaya Communication's E-Learning Excellence Award for the Caribbean and Latin America Region. Some of her most recent accomplishments include authoring  Don't Waste My Time: Expert Secrets for Meetings that Inspire, Engage, and Get Results, based on EdTrek's Don​'t Waste My Time course, Same Training, Half the Time: Delivering Results for Busy Learners and two titles in ATD 's best-selling Workshop Series:Customer Service Trainingand Facilitation Skills Training.  Her latest title, Focus On This, Not That: How to Engage Employees, Manage Performance, and Get Results 
released in September 2019.

Kimberly is also the president of Poetic License, Inc. established in 1998.  Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Expertise and Industry Understanding


Ronnie Glotzbach, Managing Director

Ronnie Glotzbach, Managing Director of EdTrek, Inc., is a senior professional with 35 years of progressive experience.  With a master’s degree in Human Resource Development and previous employment as a training manager, she shares multitude of talents in the areas of design, development, delivery, and evaluation of adult learning programs.  She also consistently works with clients on requests for strategic planning, company-wide needs assessment, organizational development, conference planning, change management, and meeting facilitation.

Ronnie’s dynamic presentation style and facilitation skills enable her to provide quality and educational learning events.  She primarily contracts with governmental agencies to develop the skills of supervisors and managers.  Ronnie has an innate talent to effectively immerse herself into an agency’s culture quickly so as to learn their policies and procedures and integrate them into the curriculum for the agency.  Ronnie is also the primary owner of Bach Training and Development Corp. established in 1994.